Below are some images of the finished balcony and also a quick look at the process involved in surveying, designing, manufacturing and the final installation of the balcony. All designs created by Alex Relph, Function Complex Provide design and manufactucturing assistance and CAD drawing. 

Balcony - Frome


Firstly the desired space was surveyed using the latest laser technology, we also adhered to original Architects plans to offset any discrepancies with the building as its dated around 1800. The building itself was going through a renovation project so we had to take into account new windows/doors on the first floor.


After the survey we set about designing the balcony we had to run the Design past an engineer to make sure everything was structurally sound, we also sort help with the foundations for the structure.  The initial drawings were also used to show the client o make sure they were happy.


The new balcony had to meet the existing floor level to allow the new Tenants to the studios being built to walk around the complex on the same level without traversing stairs to the tea room and toilet facilities.


When the design was finalised and checked by the client and Engineer function complex set about the creation of the fabrication drawings which were extracted from the 3D model. All the elements of the model are broken down and flattened so the steel manufacturers can machine each piece to correct size and drill and laser cut pieces to fit our design spec. once these pieces are cut they were then delivered to site and we set about building the structure.


This project highlights the advantages of using CAD to produce drawings which can be used for multiple reasons all the way through the design process. 


The design of the structure was done in a way to prevent us having to weld parts of it on site which can have implications on the way its built and also the practicality of using the equipment in certain places. All of the structure was bolted apart from the feet which Alex Relph welded. The lower foot plates were not fixed as there was a change in the floor level from one end of the balcony to the oher, this was overcome by leaving the structural fixing to be welded then bolted to the concrete using resin fixed bolts.


The design also incorporated some laser cut sheets with the numbers of each studio which fitted nicely into the design.


The design also incorporated some laser cut sheets with the numbers of each studio which fitted nicely into the design.